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Bernese Mountain Dog Adoption Form  We would like to thank you for your interest in our Bernese Mountain Dogs. We are always open to questions about us, our breeding program and the strengths and weaknesses of our dogs. Please complete the questionnaire and send it back to us. This question sheet is one of the ways we begin to get to know prospective families and the characteristics that are important to them in a puppy and breeder. Your time and honesty will ensure that our puppies and new families are successfully matched and have a lifetime of cherished memories.  Name:__________________________________________________________________  Address: _________________________ City/State: ________________ Zip: _________  Rural: _____ Suburban: _____ Urban: _____  House: __________ Apartment: __________  How long at current address: _____________  Fenced Yard: ________ Where/How will you exercise your pet: ____________________  Contact Phone Numbers: ___________________________________________________  Email: _______________________________________  How were you referred to BLUE SKY BERNERS:_______________________________  Age of Primary Care Givers: 18-25               26-35                           36-45                          46-55   55-older  Marital status: ___________________  Occupation: _____________________  Where do you work: ____________________________ How long at current job: ______  What is your work schedule (days/hours per week): ______________________________  Where will the dog stay when you are at work: __________________________________  Where/who will be responsible for the dog when you are on vacation: _______________  Number of children in the home: ___________ Ages: __________  Family Interests/Hobbies: __________________________________________________  Current pets in the home: ___________________________________________________  Their ages: ______________________ Breed: __________________________________  Pets you have owned in the past: _____________________________________________  Reason they are no longer with you: __________________________________________  Age of death: _____  Have you ever euthanized a pet: _____ Explain: _________________________________  Have you had Berners in the past: _____  Where did the Berners come from: ___________________________________________  Please provide us with your Veterinarian's information:  Name: __________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________ Phone Number: ______________________ How long with this practice: _______________________ Other Vets: ______________________________________________________________  Why have you chosen this breed: ____________________________________________  Other breeds your have looked into: __________________________________________  Are you interested in a Male: _____ Female: _____ No Preference: _____  Explain your preference: ___________________________________________________  Are markings important to you: _____ Explain: _________________________________  Your preferences are: Dark/Little White: __ Moderate White: __ Large Amt of White: __  Are you aware of the health issues that are related to this breed: ____________________ Explain:
 Are you willing to carry out important health certifications and supply us with the results of these certifications:
 Do you have any concerns regarding spaying/neutering your pet: _____ Explain: ________________________________________________________________  Do you have any issues with providing us with updates on your pet's progress or setbacks: _____________ Do you have any concerns about our involvement with you and your pet: ____________________________________________________________  Have you read resource books on the Bernese Mountain Dog breed: _____  Which: _________________________________________________________________  Are you interested in learning more about the breed: _____ What training methods are you familiar with: _________________________________________________________  How will you socialize your Bernese
 Dog Activities that interest you (Please circle all that apply)  Companionship/Family Pet,   Conformation,   Drafting,   Agility,    Obedience,   Rally/Obedience,   Therapy Work,   Canine Good Citizen ,   What types of activities do you enjoy doing with your dog:
 What types of personality traits would be undesirable to you in a Bernese:
 What is important to you in a breeder / Please explain:
 Please attach any information you feel relevant.  Thank you for sharing yourselves with us. Thank you for understanding the important job of connecting each puppy’s special personality with the individual needs of each prospective puppy family. We look forward to meeting you. Blue Sky Berners   Dave & Shirley Norris   15 W. Owens Rd Deer Park, WA  99006   509-276-5369