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SALES CONTRACT FOR CO OWNERSSHIP A SHOW QUALITY BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG Name of Dog_______________________________________________________ Sex: Male _____ Female _____ Date of birth: _________________________ Call Name_________________ Sire: Dam: Terms of Sales Contract: 1. It is understood at the time of this sale the puppy/adult is considered to be of show quality. The puppy/adult is guaranteed from any health irregularities for 72 hours from the time of the sale, and it is recommended the buyer have the puppy/adult examined by a veterinarian during this time period. If a health problem is discovered, a written explanation from the veterinarian is required. After the examination, if then deemed necessary by the buyer, the puppy/adult may be returned to the breeder within 1 week of the purchase date for a full refund of the purchase price, vet and return costs not included. Exclusions from this guarantee are any noted defect at time of sale and/or age related wear of any adult sold. Any external problems caused after the purchase date are also excluded. 2. Buyer has been informed that this breed is prone to dysplasia in the hips and elbows and some eye problems have been found to be hereditary (among other health diseases common to canines). This puppy does have a chance of inheriting these common diseases even when both parents are certified clear of dysplasia and eye problems. Therefore the buyer accepts this risk and the breeder does not guarantee any dog against such conditions, nor shall the breeder be held responsible for the same. 3. If at any time during the dogs' life the buyers are unable or unwilling to keep the dog, it is to be returned to the breeder for rehoming. In no circumstances will the dog be re-sold to any buyer without the written consent of the breeder. It may not at any time be sold to a foreign country, broker, wholesale, lab, pet store or for any purpose other than companionship. 4. Buyers agree to keep the dog safely confined and/or supervised, but not confined solely and wholly to a kennel. The pup will be enrolled in puppy kindergarten as soon as possible, and at least before the age of four months and will have adolescent obedience training starting at age 9 months and continues to become a well mannered dog through socialization and training. The breeder has the right to take the dog back if the animal is believed to be abused. Abuse is considered by a veterinarian to be- in poor health due to neglect, improper feeding, housing, veterinarian care, etc. the dog shows signs of physical abuse by showing fear of its owner(s) or physical scaring, injury or trauma caused by either the owner(s) or by neglect. An animal is left in an unsafe environment such as, but not limited to a car or an area without shade in the heat, a yard without proper fencing, left on a chain or rope without access to shelter or water. 5. Buyers are responsible for all veterinary costs while the dog is in their possession. If the dog is injured, ill or has a condition that warrants medical attention and the buyer refuses to provide proper veterinary care, the breeder may demand that the dog be taken to a veterinarian of the breeders choosing or be returned to the breeder at the buyers expense. If the condition warrants medical attention and the buyer refuses to pay the costs, the dog will immediately become the property of the breeders (David & Shirley Norris). Costs of medical attention needed as a result of poor care or neglect will still be the buyers responsibility but the dog will not be returned. In this event, the buyer must sign over all AKC ownership rights and privileges. Showing Dog/Bitch must be actively show in AKC comfermtion events,(10 or more shows per year) you have the right to hire a professional handler, show yourself or have Blue Sky Berners show for you at no cost, you are required to pay all show fees BREEDING All steps to avoid accidental breeding should be taken. Upon certification of OFA Hip/Elbow and after the age of 24 months for female/24 months for male, any breeding must be approved by Blue Sky Berners. If this dog is bred by mistake the owner will notify the breeder immediately. The litter may be terminated. If it is determined that a breeding has taken place a fine of $2,000 per puppy applies if the pups are born with or without intention. Blue Sky Berners also has the right to take ownership of the litter This is completely up to the breeder to decide. Blue Sky Berners reserves full stud rights to male dog. Blue Sky Berners reserves all breeding right to female dog Blue Sky Berners has the right to receive two puppies back from an approved breeding of female. Blue Sky Berners receives the right to the first pick, their choice from the litter. ORTHOPEDIC FOUNDATION FOR ANIMALS (OFA) Bernese Mountain Dogs purchased from Blue Sky Berners are required to have their hips and elbows OFA certified between the ages of 2 and 3 years. Preliminary X-rays may be done after 12 months of age IF the proper paperwork is initialed and filled out. If OFA Prelim's are done, and not posted on the OFA website, then OFA's must be redone between 2-3 years of age. The x-rays are to be done by an orthopedic surgeon or a vet who is qualified to take OFA x-rays. The OFA certification will be sent to Blue Sky Berners as soon as received by the buyer and no later than 3 years of age of the dog being certified. X-rays and OFA certification to be paid by the buyer. PURCHASE PRICE Deposit amount paid: ___________________ Remaining amount paid in full at time of sale: ________________________ SPECIAL PROVISIONS OF THE SALE (if any) 1. Umbilical Hernia: yes no (Repairing of an umbilical hernia may not be necessary unless determined by a vet.) 2. Other:_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Washington to the exclusion of any other forum and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. By signing this contract, the buyer is agreeing to the stipulations noted on the Co-ownership contract If the stipulations are not adhered to the buyer will be held accountable in a court of law in the city of Spokane Wa CO-Buyer(Sign)________________________________/(Print)_________________________________ CO-BUYER (Sign)__________________________________/(Print)_________________________________ Address______________________________________________________________________ City/state/zip__________________________________________________________________ Phone:_______________________ E-mail:_________________________________________ Blue Sky Berners 15 W. Owens Road Deer Park, WA 99006 Date:____________________________________