Dave & Shirley Norris

Deer Park, Wa


We purchased our first Bernese Mountian Dog in 2000 and have spent the past 11 years getting to know the breed and learning as much as we could before beginning our own breeding program. We only breed for health, temperment and to the AKC standard, of what a Berner should be. We would like to build long term, lasting relationships with the people who take our puppies home. We are here support the new owners in the form of guidance, resources, and honest communication throughout the life of the puppies. All of our dogs live in our home in Deer Park, Wa(just north of Spokane,Wa) and are an integral part of our daily lives. Our puppies are socialized from birth by being surrounded by our friends, family and lots of love.

We welcome your questions. Thanks for visiting Blue Sky Berners.

Dave -206-786-2755

Shirley call 206-786-2368

e-mail : Dave-Shirley@blueskyberners.com